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How traffic and transport costs are reshaping property markets
19 APR 2017

Traffic jams are a daily challenge for many residents of Johannesburg and Cape Town and the desire t...

A bank evaluation is not a home inspection
19 APR 2017

Homebuyers should not confuse a bank’s valuation of a property with a home inspection. Bank evaluati...

From the desk of the MD
4 APR 2017

This is definitely not a good time to try to sell your house without the help of a professional agen...

realADVICE: Go ‘green’ and boost your home’s value
4 APR 2017

As the supply of essential services in SA remains erratic and becomes more expensive by the year, we...

It’s a buyer’s market
4 APR 2017

Around this time every year, leading property data company Lightstone releases its forecast of what ...

Who’s in the ‘Nine-Zeros Club’ – and how they made their billions
4 APR 2017

Out of some 2257 dollar billionaires counted in the world last year, South Africa could lay claim to...
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