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The reason for appearance rules is value protection
12 OCT 2017

Homes in community housing schemes such as estates and cluster home complexes are generally sold at ...

3 OCT 2017

Worldwide, South Africans have a reputation for being upbeat, can-do people with an amazing capacity...

realADVICE: Choosing the right home for a growing family
3 OCT 2017

As your family grows and you prepare to buy your second or third home, you need to think about where...

Sellers need to look at the ‘bigger picture’ when setting a price
3 OCT 2017

When it comes to setting a sale price for your home, market conditions in your area play just as imp...

BetterBond: Rising incomes opens doors to more home sales
3 OCT 2017

The average approved bond size has increased by 4,5% in the past 12 months, while the average house ...

What matters when it comes to stands
3 OCT 2017

How important is the stand on which a house is built? One might assume, taking location into account...
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