Choose To Commit

In business, and in life, there is no better proof of commitment than following through with what you said you were going to do.

REPUTABLE FRANCHISORS SHOW their commitment to their Franchisees through proper disclosure, continued transparency, insight into tried and tested business practices, know-how, efficient systems and tailor-made IT solutions as well as standard operating procedures, continuous training and development, marketing support and good business practices.  The Franchisees, in turn, show their commitment by embracing and implementing the Franchisor’s business model, participating in brand initiatives
with pride and being exemplary brand ambassadors.

The Franchisees’ employees are required to demonstrate their commitment by being on time, working the required hours and rendering friendly service to members of the public.  Through government’s continued focus on job creation and skills development, employees are now also able to show their commitment by participating in their employer’s further education and training initiatives.

Due to the increased regulation and higher qualifying criteria imposed by the real estate fraternity, the profile and curriculum vitae of a typical entrant into the real estate profession today, should look very different to that of an applicant ten years ago. No longer is the real estate industry a stepping-stone career until the next best thing comes along and it is also not a part-time job. The increased regulations and higher barriers to entry demand a demonstration of commitment by prospective real estate agents.

Prospective real estate practitioners must obtain a formal qualification, namely the Further Education and Training Certificate: Real Estate Level 4.

As a shorter route to obtaining a real estate qualification, candidates can apply for a Recognition of Prior Learning. In the Recognition of Prior Learning process candidates are credited for skills, knowledge and experience acquired/completed through formal, informal and non-formal learning.

Becoming a professional real estate practitioner requires the same level of commitment as any other profession.  Many real estate Franchisees choose to foot the bill for their agents’ training and professional skills development in return for a reciprocal ‘work back’ clause, yet some agents choose to forgo the opportunity for further training rather than committing to a ‘work back’ clause.

No longer is the real estate industry a stepping-stone career until the next best thing comes along and it is also not a part-time job.

There are numerous accredited training academies and institutions such as the Institute of Estate Agents South Africa (IEASA) that offer excellent accessible and affordable courses, whilst well-established, reputable and FASA accredited real estate Franchisors offer in-house training, coaching and mentoring, often in collaboration with the relevant training authority, the Services SETA. Whether for the complete newcomer, as in, the unemployed youth with high aspirations, or the highly educated and experienced middle-aged individual who wants to migrate to the real estate profession, training is easily accessible.

As the Franchisor has numerous and ongoing obligations towards its Franchisees, so too does the real estate Franchisee/Principal have a duty to his/her estate agents. For newcomers to the real estate industry it is comforting to know that they don’t have to do it on their own. Reputable real estate Franchisors and their Franchisees/Principals are always eager to recruit and train new talent, that is, talent with the required commitment, of course.

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RealNet pays tribute to some of their TOP Franchisees

During RealNet Holdings’ 17 years as real estate Franchisor, we have assisted numerous newcomers to the real estate fraternity to become successful real estate business owners. While our Franchisees hail from diverse industries with varied skills sets, these newcomers have successfully established themselves as real estate specialists within a short period of time. In this vein, RealNet would like to pay tribute to some of our most successful Franchisees.

Astrid Smith, owner of RealNet Select in Standfontein was a call centre consultant and a sales representative for an office stationery company. Astrid now owns two RealNet franchise territories and passed on what she had learnt by assisting one of her top estate agents to take up her own RealNet franchise in a neighbouring territory.

RealNet ‘Franchisees of the Year 2010’ Lynette Gregorowski is the co-owners of RealNet Midrand Estates. Lynette is a qualified medical nurse. Eight years and a lot of hard work later, Lynette today operates one of RealNet’s flagship franchises.