About Us

RealNet was founded in Pretoria in 1996 and started franchising its concept in 2001. Today we have a national footprint of more than 60 franchise territories employing more than 350 estate agents who deal with residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural sales, sales in property developments, property letting and property management.

At RealNet we understand that our business is about fulfilling people’s needs, dreams and aspirations. We believe that the essence of our business is people, wherefore our focus remains on our clients. Our objective is to provide the real customer experience in each and every real estate transaction, regardless of the circumstances.

RealNet is headed up by a dynamic team of property professionals who have hands-on experience and practical know-how in both the real estate and franchise sectors. RealNet franchisees and agents receive the best training and business support to ensure that they can deliver the best service and the most rewarding customer experience.

RealNet is about realPEOPLE leading the way in an environment where excellence, commitment, enthusiasm, energy and fun are fundamental business principles.

Our Vision

RealNet’s vision is to become the most respected real estate group in the country and to have the most profitable franchises in South Africa.

Our Mission

RealNet Holdings, through its national network of franchises, strives to ensure that all stakeholders extract maximum value from the RealNet Group, thereby creating the highest turnover and the most profitable franchised property group in South Africa.

RealNet Management’s Mission

To assist our franchisees to obtain the biggest possible market share and to assist our estate agents to persistently achieve above average results in facilitating real estate transactions.

Our Values

RealNet has realVALUES and is committed to making a realDIFFERENCE in the lives of all our people and those we serve.

  • Action Execution

      Being quick off the mark to implement action plans and persisting in the task at hand despite difficulty or obstacles.

  • Trust & Respect

       Earning respect through infallible integrity in all actions.

  • Entrepreneurship

      Balancing innovation and calculated risk-taking for business development and sustainability.

  • Abundance

      Sharing our knowledge, time and resources excessively, contributing to everyone around us.

  • Making a Difference

      Making a positive impact in people’s lives.