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Why become a RealNet Franchisee?

RealNet is an accredited Proudly South African company with local shareholders and a strong local heritage.

As a group our single focus is on the South African landscape, but we market real estate for and to all South Africans across the whole income spectrum, from low-cost housing through to the luxury market.

As a group, our mission is to ensure that all our stakeholders are able to extract maximum value from the brand, thereby creating the highest turnover and the most profitable real estate franchise group in South Africa.

Our management team’s mission is to empower our Franchisees to obtain the largest possible market share and to assist our estate agents in constantly achieving above average results in facilitating real estate transactions.

Franchisees enjoy a choice of three franchise models (boutique, mini and standard), as well as the opportunity to customise within certain parameters to suit individual requirements.

RealNet Franchisees benefit from a tried-and-tested system.  RealNet Holdings also offers tailor-made upfront and on-going training, coaching and mentoring, support through regular field visits, one-on-one sessions and online support by specialised staff members.

Here is what some of our existing Franchisees have to say about the group:

Nelis Bezuidenhout

Franchisee RealNet Wapadglen, Pretoria

“My team and I consistently apply the basic real estate marketing rules. My RealNet Franchisor enables me to focus on sourcing sellers and buyers, whilst the franchise develops systems and builds relationships with business partners to my benefit.”

Juan Botha

Franchisee RealNet Anker Nelspruit, Nelspruit

“Discipline, focus, dedication, hard work and close adherence to the RealNet franchise model are the keys to success. I offer my clients and my agents the best possible exposure. I use the best systems available in the marketplace and I use the additional income generating opportunities that are available through my Franchisor’s trade connections.”

Astrid Smith de Gruchy

Franchisee RealNet Select, Cape Town

“Life is about give and take. I believe in investing in people and have created a platform for my top performing agents to discover their entrepreneurial aptitudes by offering them independent business opportunities. My ‘big brother’ (the RealNet Franchisor) is always available to assist me with whatever I need to make my franchise a success."

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The RealNet business system

RealNet has developed a franchised business concept that accommodates qualifying newcomers to the industry and also allows the conversion of existing real estate agencies to franchised RealNet outlets.

RealNet allows established agencies to retain elements of their unique identity and the Franchisor’s support is more supportive than prescriptive.

The comprehensive business solution offered by RealNet includes a proven business recipe, state-of-the-art information technology, induction and on-going training, marketing assistance, operational support, awards and recognition, practical workshops, benchmarking and most of all, the practical “know-how”. Supplementary services and managerial support are provided at regional level.

The RealNet business solution creates a platform for growth and exceptional return on investment. The flexible business model caters for both the smaller, owner-operated franchise that is operated from home, as well as for the more formal business set-up that includes a tiered management structure, formal office space and a corporate make-up.

Subject to RealNet’s stringent selection and recruitment criteria, the RealNet management team will develop tailor-made solutions to suit qualifying applicants’ needs.

RealNet At A Glance

  > History  
    Date founded 1996
     Area of origin Pretoria, Gauteng
     Managing Director  Gerhard Kotzé
    1st Franchise opened 2001
    Number of franchise territories
More than 50

   Set-up costs*
Vary between R150000 and R800000 depending on the franchisee’s requirements

(*Set-up costs include once-off joining fee, a marketing pack, induction training, systems installation, etc.)

 > Franchise agreement terms

    Monthly fee
Vary between R2 170 and R7 260
    Success based royalty fee
5% of gross commission
    Marketing and branding fee
R480 per month
    Initial agreement term
10 Years
    Renewal term
5 Years, where after indefinite, subject to conditions

  * Amounts quoted are VAT exclusive

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