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More About RealNet Plotte en Plase Noord

RealNet Plotte & Plase North offers a comprehensive, farm and smallholding marketing service throughout South Africa.

Your RealNet Plotte & Plase agent will help you avoid potential pitfalls which can have an impact on your return-on- investment when purchasing land.

RealNet Plotte & Plase is specializing in the following:

  • Game Farms
  • Grazing: cattle, sheep, ostrich,
  • Intensive irrigation; Aquacultures
  • Tourism & Lodging
  • Thoroughbred Horse and other Stud breeding
  • Dry land crop farming
  • Specialized Farming i.e Dairy, Chickens, Piggery, Kennels, etc.
Country Lifestyle:
  • Residential holdings
  • Estates: Private, Nature, Security, Equestrian
  • Breakaways: Bushveld, Riverfront, Views, Piece & Quiet.
  • Development land
  • Sub-division, rezoning and business rights
  • Light Industrial
  • Conference & Wedding venues
  • Lodges
Our value add:
Your RealNet Plotte & Plase specialist marketing Consultant offers you:
  • Professional Offices and Operating systems for a hassle free deal
  • Professional assistance with sub-divisions, applications for rezoning and business rights, evaluations, improvements etc.
  • Expert advice on future developments, network of roads, infrastructure, services such as medical, schools, offices, shopping centres, etc.
  • Sensible advice for profitable farming
  • Investment growth potential forecast

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