How to hire a great handyman


When you decide to sell your home, there are usually a few things that need fixing or sprucing up before you put it on show.

And of course if this involves any large-scale electrical, plumbing or building work, you will need to hire the relevant certified specialist, but if you’re just short of time to tackle the task-jar or simply no good at DIY, you should really consider hiring a general handyman.

These helpful people usually have the skills and experience to handle a wide range of minor repairs and home improvements, from picture and door-hanging to painting, tiling, putting up a shelf and replacing the washer in a dripping tap.

They generally charge by the hour for their labour plus any materials they have to supply, and should be able to get through a whole list of small jobs in just a few hours if they’re any good.

On the other hand, hiring an inept handyman can be a complete waste of time and money, so you should follow these guidelines to make sure you get the work done well and cost-efficiently:

  • Get and follow recommendations from family, friends and your estate agent.
  • Make a list of everything you want done and work out your budget. 
  • Get quotes from three or four handymen before making your decision. Check that they have the equipment to do the jobs you need and are willing to guarantee their work. They should also be insured against getting injured while working on your property.      
  • Inspect the work while it's in progress and when it's finished. Professional handymen will take pride in their workmanship and will be happy to show you what they’ve done.
  • Don’t be stingy with recommendations for work done well, on time and in budget. Good handymen rely heavily on referrals and you will also be helping out other homeowners.

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