Why living in 'Harties' is good for your heart

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As Hartbeespoort is conveniently located on the slopes of the Magaliesberg mountain and the banks of the Hartbeespoort Dam, the town is one of the best tranquil areas in South Africa to call home. 'Harties' is known to offer both residents and tourists an escape from the hustle and bustle of city life, making it the perfect destination for laid-back living. The great atmosphere and attractions allow for easy ways to become one with nature. This in turn, repairs and energizes one's mind, body, and soul.

Considering that the name of the town means 'gateway of the hartebeest' (a species of antelope) in Afrikaans, Hartbeespoort is an ideal place to see majestic animals. The Elephant Sanctuary is a safe haven for African elephants. Visitors can take advantage of fully guided interactive elephant educational programs that cover elephant habits, dynamics, behaviour and anatomy. The popular Lion and Safari Park is a 600-hectare wilderness reserve that offers visitors the chance to get up close to many of the country's most iconic animals, such as cubs, giraffes, ostriches, meerkats and other small creatures, crocodiles, cheetahs, and, of course, lions. Other notable places that spark interest in Hartbeespoort are the monkey sanctuary and the Hartbeespoort Snake and Animal Park. 

According to researchers Stamatakis and Mitchell, being surrounded by nature, or even viewing scenes of nature has the ability to reduce anger, fear, and stress which, in turn,  increases pleasant feelings. Living and exploring the inviting nature in Hartbeespoort can make people of all ages feel better emotionally and physically. This is one of the reasons why the ultra marathon 50 km road race, Om Die Dam (Around the Dam), is held annually in the area attracting many fitness enthusiasts from all over the world. The fresh clean air and the natural features surrounding the Hartbeespoort Dam can help in reducing blood pressure, heart rate, muscle tension, and the production of stress hormones, and possibly reduce mortality.

Most people suffer from nature deprivation without knowing it. This is a lack of time spent in the natural world as a result of the many hours spent in front of a TV, mobile, or computer screens, traffic, and the like. Nature deprivation has also been associated with depression. One way of kicking nature deprivation to the curb is to make the most of a great adventure in the area.

In most cases, the allure of nature encourages people to get their daily exercise and stay healthy and active. Reputable boat companies in Hartbeespoort offer sightseeing cruises around the dam, while aerial cableway facilities offer a scenic trip skywards in a gondola. For those who are not afraid of heights, a trip in a hot air balloon hovering above the treetops of the Magalies River Valley and Magaliesberg range is sure to be a thrilling adventure. 

If you prefer the outdoors but not the adrenaline rush, then the Van Gaalen Cheese Farm is the perfect outing for the entire family. Producing Dutch cheeses using an authentic Dutch method, visitors can experience a cheese tour with flavoured cheeses to sample as well as enjoy a picnic on the farm dam, while children get up close to the farm animals.

Living a stress-free and tranquil lifestyle in Hartbeespoort is what many homeowners crave for. Contact RealNet Hartbeespoort today for more information on how you can call this area home.

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