Betterbond Pre-Qualification
Our completely FREE, no-strings attached pre-qualification process puts you in a better position to buy a home, saving you time and trouble. Send us the required documents, and we'll assess your finances, do a quick credit check and issue you with a Pre-Qualification Certificate - all within 24 hours.
Get pre-qualified
Compare multiple bank offers and get the best deal on your home loan!
At BetterBond, we know that a better bond means a better life for you, and for your loved ones. And what makes a bond better? A lower interest rate for starters, which could mean hundreds and thousands of rands in savings over your bond term. In our experience, when you compare multiple bank offers side-by-side, their interest rates typically vary by 0.5% – sometimes more – so shopping around will ensure the banks compete for your deal. We submit your application to multiple banks – including your own – on your behalf, and at no cost to you. Better, right?
Start the easy process
5 Steps to get a better bond
  1. We'll prep your application
    We'll make sure we get all your documents in order and help you complete your application form.
  2. We'll apply for you
    We submit your application to multiple banks, including your own, on your behalf.
  3. We'll negotiate for you
    This is where the magic happens! We go on the hunt and fight on your behalf to get you the best deal.
  4. We'll give you options
    We'll talk you through your offers and help you choose the offer that's best for you..
  5. You accept, and voila!
    Once you've decided on an offer, we'll notify the bank, and congratulations – you're a home owner!
Get Pre-Qualified

Buying a home can be very exciting, but it can also be very daunting. Let our expert consultants set your mind at ease and make the whole process simpler, better for you.