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Additional fees involved when buying

Category RealADVICE

Buying a home in South Africa is a goal for many.

Why couples need to be 'in tune' when selling

Category RealNEWS

The fact that South Africa recognises so many different kinds of marriage is a tribute to an inclusive Constitution

How to create an environmentally friendly home you will love

Category RealADVICE

While these tasks may seem overwhelming, they are the first steps to making your home more eco-friendly.

Top-rated attractions in Mokopane

Category Lifestyle

Offering access to the attractions around Mokopane, visitors and residents are spoilt for choice when it comes to leisure activities in the area.

The essential moving checklist

Category RealADVICE

It is vital to create an essential moving checklist prior to the big moving day to ensure that you are comfortable in your new home within the first week.

Your home: Should you add on or just move on?

Category Lifestyle

After a while, most homeowners find something about their home that they really wish was different

How to pick a home for your second career

Category RealNEWS

The "golden years" of retirement look entirely different now than they did at the start of the century

Things to do in Midrand

Category Lifestyle

Midrand is a buzzing city with a plethora of activities for both residents and tourists to enjoy.

Tips for buying your first home

Category BetterBond Advice

Buying your first home is an exciting time in your life and should be a breeze.

Become debt-free with these 2020 saving tips

Category RealADVICE

If you went a tad bit overboard during the festive season chances are that you need a great recovery plan to become debt-free.


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