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Since 1996, we have placed exclusive attention on the local property landscape and all consumers who interact with it, from those looking for low cost housing all the way through to the luxury market. Emerging from this ethos, we have extended our brand further, into a greater number of communities all over South Africa through our innovative and dynamic business model, which empowers RealNet Estate Agents to unlock their full potential.

Most jobs have a ceiling when it comes to earning potential. As a real estate agent, your earning potential is directly related to how hard you wish to work. Are you a self-starter and believe that you have the power of persuasion to make those big deals happen? This is the perfect opportunity for you to change and evolve.
At the forefront, we place the highest importance on our A-TEAM values which enable us to have a clear vision of our collective goals and allows us to connect with communities on a deeper level by providing the highest-quality customer service, which is the ultimate goal.

Strong, passionate, specialised and reputable are the qualities that we look out for when bringing in an agent under our banner as only the best will do. If you are an area specialist, established a special connection with your community and hold similar values as our brand, then we believe RealNet is for you. We live our mission to ensure that every stakeholder is able to extract maximum value from the brand, thereby creating a real estate household name in every community within South Africa.
  1. Action Execution - Being quick off the mark to implement action plans and persisting in the task at hand despite difficulty or obstacles.
  2. Trust & Respect - Earning respect through infallible integrity in all actions.
  3. Entrepreneurship - Balancing innovation and calculated risk-taking for business development and sustainability.
  4. Abundance - Sharing our knowledge, time and resources excessively, contributing to everyone around us.
  5. Making a Difference - Making a positive impact in people's lives.
Why a career in real estate?
Are you desirous to become the next real estate Rock Star?
Entering into a career in real estate under the RealNet brand, is beneficial in so many varying ways and the return on investment is massive. As an Intern Estate Agent, you will be mentored in an industry with massive earning potential and a huge return on investment. If one takes all the necessary steps and follows the rigorous training, there is a well-defined route to a rewarding and successful career in residential real estate.

Already a real estate Rock Star? Our systems will blow you away

Advantages, benefits and
opportunities of a career in real estate

Flexible working hours
Even though estate agents must be available on call after hours to suit the needs of their respective clients, being a residential real estate agent with RealNet offers flexibility in working hours. Meaning that employees are never stuck in an 8 to 5 workday and this flexibility results in a higher quality of life. Despite the fact that our agents provide world-class service to their client base, flexi-time enables our agents to still spend quality time with their family and loved ones.
Unlimited earning potential
Most jobs have a ceiling when it comes to earning potential as a superstar real estate agent, your earning potential is directly related to how hard you wish to work. Very few industries or companies in the world offer this kind of versatility.
Own your own pie - A business within a business
Another aspect which makes RealNet unique is that it is structured in such a way that residential real estate agents own their own pie. Meaning that there is a tier structure set in place, where the agent owns his or her own business under the guidance and jurisdiction of the Principal and company. This encourages agents to work harder to make higher profits, whilst managing their own business. This is also a great skill to learn as managing one's own business gives the individual the expertise and confidence to achieve greatness in the field of residential real estate sales.
Personal Assistant
Subject to the approval of the Principal, an established estate agent may employ an assistant to manage administrative tasks while the estate agent is out in the field. The estate agent can thus determine his own business structure and strategy within the framework of the Franchisees' business.
Create credible lasting business relationships
At RealNet the business would not function without the buy-in from clients, this is all about creating credible relationships that last a lifetime. These connections are invaluable, and this is why working at a company such as RealNet is so important for sustainability in career and lifestyle.
Learn new skills and grow in every way
The residential real estate industry is becoming increasingly multifaceted and diverse, this is why a RealNet real estate agent has to be ahead of the game in terms of knowing the market backwards. This is why rigorous training takes place on an ongoing basis. Ensuring that our agents are always more qualified than they have to be which gives them the edge of competitors.
Now that you know what South Africa's most dynamic property brand entails, why not get involved and live the life you always dreamed of?

Are you a self-starter and believe that you have the power of persuasion to make those big deals happen?

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