Fallen in arrears with your home loan repayments? Reluctant to talk to your bank? RealNet to the rescue! Rather sell your property on the open market than have it repossessed and sold at Sherriff's auctions.

Created specifically to assist distressed homeowners, realRESCUE offers you the opportunity to talk to a qualified and experienced RealNet bank assisted sales representative, who will then act as your intermediary and work to get you listed as a distressed seller, should you qualify for one of the assisted sale programmes run by the four major banks.

The idea of these bank assisted sales programmes is to help homeowners who are in default on their bond payments to sell their properties on the open market rather than have them repossessed and sold at sheriffs’ auctions. The banks have in this way already saved thousands of homeowners from having to go through the trauma of foreclosure – a big relief which we have made easily accessible to many more people through our realRESCUE service.

RealNet is accredited on the assisted sale panels of all four major SA banks, so in any area where RealNet has a franchise or a point of presence, we can help most homeowners who are struggling to make their home loan repayments and would like to do something positive to change their situation. The final discretion as to whether the homeowner qualifies will always be that of the bank, but we would be delighted to assist any homeowner who is in arrears. What is more, it couldn’t be easier to start the process. All you must do is complete and submit the RealNet realRESCUE Form below.

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Get help with these 4 easy steps:
  1. Make the decision to be proactive and seek help.
  2. Contact your nearest RealNet office and ask for assistance or simply complete the online realRESCUE contact form below.
  3. Your friendly RealNet agent or Assisted Sales expert will arrange for a bank representative from your bank to contact and guide you through their Assisted Sales programme.
  4. Once enrolled, RealNet is appointed by your bank, to professionally market and sell your property in the shortest period of time at the best possible market related price.
If you would like to find out more about the four major SA banks’ Assisted Sales programmes, we have summarised them below for your ease of reference.

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